Getting to Know Some of the Latest and Greatest Healthy Foods

If you are one of the many people who are always on the lookout for a super-healthy diet, full of great healthy food, this article is the one for you. This information is perfect for you in the event that you are completely unaware of some of the latest trends regarding the most nutritious and slimming type of foods which are readily available to you. Incredibly tasting foods like quinoa, Greek Yogurt and kale are just a few of the most notable names to make their way into the healthy-minded consciences of the public. Here of some the others:

Coconut Flour

The giant explosion of it’s popularity doesn’t have to stop with the latest coconut water craze we have seen for the last couple of years. The reason? Because coconut flour just so happens to a pretty wonderful way to enhance foods with just a little bit of coconut flavored lovin’ and the healthy assets which you normally get from eating or drinking from it’s inner-source of water/milk.

When you eat the flour of the coconut, you will always obtain at least 5 grams of fiber per two tablespoons servings and with only 2 grams of total saturated fat. Coconut is plain and simply a healthy food and absolutely fantastic for diabetes, just by the fact that they are also great for lowering the glycemic index and you can certainly bet it is always 100% naturally gluten-free.

Chia Seeds

People who consider themselves the healthy-conscious elite are really getting into Chia seeds lately and how such a little, unintrusively tasting seed of the chia plant can actually be so easy to eat and be great for your health. Certainly you have heard of the famed “Chia Pet”, which is basically a piece of outdoor pottery shaped like an animal or recognizable character which grows green sprouts through it to make the character appear shaped like a mini-bush.

Chia seeds are full of the type of nutrition which one would not think to find in such an unassuming form. They aren’t achieving such a stature of popularity for nothing, having 4 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein and a great amount of Omega-3 essential oils, denial would be futile in regards to the overall greatness of this natural product.

Vegetable Smoothies 

Pretty much most of us can agree to the fact that smoothies are easily one of the best and tastiest ways to get your nutrients down smoothly. By simply incorporating vegetables like spinach and kale, you enhance the nutrients by a heck of a longshot while never compromising the entire flavor much at all.

Many feel because of the of the addition of these two wonderful superfoods, they will be able to draw the crowd back into the smoothie/health craze in which was only just a few years ago. Even by adding sweet potatoes and beets, it will improve upon the base nutrients while adding a little extra goodness to the flavor as a whole.


Seaweed (dulse) has been slowly churning itself into an obsession with the public as of late, so much that even parents are utilizing it in their kid’s daily lunches. They like to substitute the more unhealthier foods and snacks like potato chips with flavored renditions of the underwater fave. As it stands, these interestingly tasty sea vegetables are completely loaded with nutrients that it is also stupefying at the same time that it is so great tasting and why it is considered such a top, healthy food.

It is wholesome and a beneficially great source of iron and potassium, much like spinach and kale. You will also receive a great portion of iodine, which happens to be great in properly regulating the thyroid gland, being produced from the sea-salt that is within the leaves of the seaweed. It can also be savored in many different forms and cooking methods, so those creative types should have a field day with seaweed and what type of cooking canvas it provides for them.

These Foods are Most Definietly Making a Positive Impact on Our Diets


Those wonderful foods along with newcomers like hemp, amaranthus, Rooibos Tea and Kefir make the healthy food scene just that more interesting. You have so many great choices, which can make a positively profound impact on the health of all of us who integrate them into our daily dietary routine. These days we are living longer, looking better and enjoying our lives like never before and these incredible food additions are a big reason why that is.