Natural Treatments For Dermatitis

For those who suffer from eczema or dermatitis, natural treatment of the disease is pretty much the only way to go that makes sense. While steroids and other prescription drugs do provide temporary relief and may even be necessary in times of crisis, long-term treatment should be based on natural remedies as much as possible.

I’ve been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis when I was a child, and was told that there is no cure for this disease. During my teenage years I was thankfully mostly symptom-free, but the disease made a heavy comeback in my twenties, giving me some pretty harsh times. However in my thirties, I finally found ways to reduce the symptoms to a minimum, by 90% or more. No miracle drug helped me do that — not until I changed my lifestyle and habits did my condition improve.

I will spare you the description of what my skin looked like when I was at my worst. If you suffer from dermatitis yourself then you will probably know what despair feels like. Suffice it to say that I ended up being hospitalized twice for several weeks with multiple infections… At that time, it really didn’t look like I would ever have a healthy skin again without heavy use of cortisone or other prescription drugs!

And yet, I managed to reduce my symptoms to comparatively nonexistent. The first step on my way to curing myself was assuming personal responsibility for my well-being. Yes, I must admit that in my twenties I was a bit reckless. I liked to party, drink, smoke, eat lots of junk food, and basically do whatever I felt like without considering the consequences for my body. When my skin got really bad I would go to the doctor’s and expect them to fix me. You could say that I was in a denial phase of my condition.

Only when I accepted that I was personally responsible for my well-being did I finally decide to make changes to my lifestyle. For instance, I had been a heavy milk drinker before. The first change I made was to substitute cow’s milk by soy milk, and my skin improved almost instantly. The rashes and lesions disappeared within two weeks! By just changing one little aspect of my life, my skin had improved to a state that I had not known for ten years or more. Encouraged, I continued to change my habits. I quit smoking and eliminated dairy products (and I’m still not quite sure which of the two was harder). Nowadays I am on a mostly vegetarian diet, even though I do eat fish and sometimes even meat from time to time. And while my skin is still a bit itchy and red at times, thankfully I don’t have to cope with the lesions and extreme dryness anymore that tormented me for so long.

So can eczema be cured? Technically speaking, of course it’s an incurable disease. But if you can reduce your symptoms by 90%, I would be willing to make every bet that it’s possible to go the rest of the way as well. The important thing to keep in mind is to use the most natural treatment possible. Instead of drugs, try to eat and drink healthy. Use moisturizing soap and a natural aloe vera (or similar) cream without additives or perfumes. Reduce stress to a minimum and live in an environment low in allergens. All of this may be difficult to achieve, therefore it is best to tackle one aspect at a time. The rewards are more than worth the effort, and will extend to all areas of your life.