Naturally Managing Fibroids

If you have fibroids, you may already be aware that your conventional treatment options are somewhat limited. Due to the very nature of fibroids, there is no cure which can be effected by either surgery or hormonal treatment, but both of these options can play a part in managing the symptoms. However, you may wish to consider natural management of uterine fibroids as an alternative.

Fibroids form as a result of a combination of various factors. There is no doubt that estrogen can play a large part in this jigsaw puzzle, but not all women with high estrogen levels will have fibroids. Other factors, such as an unhealthy lifestyle, your diet, environmental factors and your heredity will come into play and unless the factors which have caused your fibroids are eliminated, no amount of surgery or drug treatment will provide a cure, as in time, fibroids will regrow as the factors which have caused the fibroids in the first place will still be present. Unless, of course, you take proactive steps to do something about it!

Natural management of uterine fibroids works by systematically eliminating the very causes of your fibroids. By doing this, the fibroids will naturally shrink and, in some cases, disappear altogether. Techniques include a combination of dietary measures, increasing exercise and taking herbal supplements to help to reduce fibroid symptoms.

As estrogen plays such a large part in fibroids formation, natural management will look at ways of reducing this in the body. One simple way is to take a look at your BMI and if you are above the healthy weight range for your height, then losing weight will almost certainly lower your estrogen levels as fat cells are a secondary producer of this hormone. In addition, estrogen for many women originates from environmental toxins and pollutants which can become “locked” in the liver and mimic the action of estrogen. The only way to release this is to carry out a liver detox, and the herb Milk Thistle can be used as part of this process.

The benefit of a good healthy diet can sometimes be overlooked by women looking at the natural management of uterine fibroids. Sticking to the principles which we all know are right, such as eating a minimum of 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily, drinking at least 2 liters of water and eating unprocessed foods which are organic where possible, will also help.

Although fibroids can cause debilitating symptoms, this is a condition which is very rarely life-threatening and this at least gives women the chance to carefully consider their treatment options before deciding on any form of invasive surgery, which can have a long recovery time and, with the exception of a hysterectomy, is never considered permanent.

Natural management of uterine fibroids is an option worth considering as if followed correctly, not only will it ensure that you get relief from your fibroids, but it will improve your overall health, and many women have reported feeling better than they can ever remember doing.
The lack of real, useful help for women with fibroids led an alternative practitioner to put together a 7 step plan to help women to treat their fibroids naturally at home. She was always inundated with requests for appointments at her busy clinic and decided that this was a way to reach out to help thousands of women worldwide, most of whom she had never met.