Sleep Aids The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Sleep


Just like food, sleep is an important requirement to the body. Even though it is not an energy source, it assists the body to reenergize and have strength for the following day. Some people think that sleep is somewhat unimportant. Those that think so should know that sleep is more than merely lying on the bed on ones back, it is how one regains the most prized energy. This is why a good night sleep is so important, to an extent that if one lacks a good sleep, it is necessary to use sleep aids. These aids act as the ultimate source to get a great sleep, gain energy and improve one’s health and fitness.

How Sleep is Induced

Sleep is induced by the presence of a naturally occurring substance in the brain known as melatonin. Its production is highest at night, its production acts as a signal to the body that it is time for sleep. People with insomnia naturally have an insufficient production of melatonin. Their bodies will therefore not shift to a restful sleep. Instead, they should opt for the sleep aid medication that can increase melatonin and cause sleep.

A Good Night’s Sleep

By using sleep remedies, one can get a good night’s sleep and the pleasant feeling of being refreshed and energized. Anyone that has gone without sleep even for one night can attest to the fatigue feeling. It gets worse when it is for more than one night. Symptoms of an insufficient amount of sleep include irritability, slowed reaction and a reduced ability to focus.

Simple Sleep Aids

If sleep problems are experienced over a long time, the side effects get more dangerous and can impact one’s health. When trying to get a good night sleep, you should first consider simple sleep aids that could increase your probability of sleep. First, you have to make sure that your sleeping quarters are dark. Research shows that sleeping quarters with light pollution likely leads to insufficient sleep as seen in most cities.

Those living in the city can also have sleep problems due to noise pollution. The best remedy here would be ear plugs. If ear plugs are somewhat disturbing, you can opt to replace the noise with silent music or simply a machine that plays slow noise. Removing clutter from the sleeping by cleaning one’s sleeping area has also proven to increase the quality of sleep.

Sleep Medications that Combat Insomnia

Sleeping problems increase as we get older. As we age, we experience things that could disturb sleep. Some of these things include nightmares and frequent tossing and turning during sleep. If lack of sleep gets really serious it may be time to try out sleep aid medications or see a doctor for advice. If not treated early, it could lead to sleep apnea or other serious fatigue conditions.

Over the counter medications should be your first resort, you should typically take these types of medications when you know that you would like to sleep for several hours. Trying to wake up after taking these medications before a certain amount of time will be difficult.

Side Effects

Doctors can prescribe medications, these medications can however come with undesirable side effects. Dizziness, stomach problems, difficult in awakening are a few problems associated with the medication. Apart from the side effects, such medications may not be good for your health, especially if taken for a long time. Natural or herbal sleep remedies are a better sleeplessness remedy since they come with very few or no side effects.

Herbal sleep remedies

Rather than solely relying on the unpredictable and harsh sleep aid medications, turning to natural and gentler methods to help one get rest would be important. Herbal sleep aids have been used for many years. They have shown to be extremely beneficial in assisting people relax and make them drift off to sleep naturally. People that suffer from insomnia highly benefit from these natural treatments.

Sleep experts agree that about a third of the world’s population experience some type of sleep related problem at some point in their lives. When suffering from insomnia or other sleep issues, it is important to seek medication before having it take control of your daily life.