Ways to Suppress Appetite If Your Hunger Pangs Won’t Let You Be

hunger pangs

Starting on a diet is one of the most exhilarating feelings the world. So is the first day of a quit smoking plan. It’s staying on the program that’s kind of hard. With a diet, it’s even harder. Food is supposed to be natural – not a bad habit. Your stomach constantly complains, and you can think of nothing but the sweet relief of filling up. Don’t give up yet. Try these ways to suppress appetite, and your diet can be saved.

A great way to make do with less food is to bog your digestive system down with protein rich food. Basically, your stomach decides when to be hungry going by how much time it’s taking it to digest the last meal you had. Load your meals up with protein, and you’re going to really take long time to digest it. And so on you’ll be hungry.

So why do we think that this is one of the better ways to suppress appetite? A study done by Purdue University has found that people who eat less 13 have bigger underpants. When they ate lots of proteins, they felt more full than at any other time. And the hunger pangs, when they did come, were a lot quieter.

If you’re having terrible hunger pangs, try chicken breast or something. Load up on these and you should be good to go.

Basically, loading your stomach down the right ways is a wonderful plan. There are lots of ways to suppress appetite if you pick this philosophy. For instance, cut out all the refined and processed foods in your diet and replace them with whole-grain stuff. With fiber in your diet – vegetables, whole-grain bread and so on – your stomach has a lot more to work on. And it’s not stuff that’s going to make you fat. Basically, this is the way to go. That’s what a study by the Pediatric Vlinics of North America found in the study at the start of the millennium.

Remember how your mother would try to stop you when you reached for the water or the juice in the middle of a meal? She would always worry that it would ruin your appetite to have all the liquid filling your stomach up. Hey, isn’t that exactly what you want – to ruin your appetite? A good part of dietary success lies in finding out what psychologically satisfies and you going with that.

Eating food with a lot of liquid in it that builds its volume up has to be inherently satisfying. And you won’t really feel that deprived anymore.